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  • Crude Protein : 16.5% NLT
    Crude Fat : 3.0% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 5.5% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NM
    Calcium : 0.75 - 0.85%
    Phosphorus : 0.70%... more info on hog grower

  • brown saver's   w/ pellet


    Crude Protein : 10.0% NLT
    Crude Fat : 2.5% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 10.0% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NM... more info on brown saver's   w/ pellet

  • Crude Protein : 14.0% NLT
    Crude Fat : 3.0% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 7.0% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NM
    Calcium : 0.70 - 0.80%
    Phosphorus : 0.70%... more info on hog finisher

  • hog pre-starter mini


    Crude Protein : 19.5% NLT
    Crude Fat : 4.0% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 4.0% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NM
    Calcium : 0.85 - 0.95%... more info on hog pre-starter mini

  • hog starter


    Crude Protein : 18.0% NLT
    Crude Fat : 3.0% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 5.0% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NM
    Calcium : 0.85 - 0.90%... more info on hog starter

A Glimpse of the past

Who would have thought that a family's small piggery farm in a small town in the City of Ligao, Albay would emerge a formidable company manufacturing a diverse line-up of swine and poultry feeds at par with that of multinational corporations?

Supra Feeds Enterprises, Inc. was able to transcend the limitations of being a provincial feed mill manufacturer because of its leader's astute management, focused vision, and innovative business approaches that has been instrumental in steering the company to where it now.

Playing a pivotal role in the company's success is the able stewardship of Engr. Fernando Raņola, the company's President/Chief Executive Officer who started working for the company as a young man servicing as an apprentice in the feed mill division of the farm founded by his eldest brother in 1976.

It was during this stint that he was able to immerse himself in the job, gaining valuable first-hand experiences that would be most helpful when he eventually established in March 1989 Supra Feeds Enterprises.

In 1995, the company was incorporated and became an independent business entity bearing the name Supra Feeds Enterprises, Inc. Alongside its incorporation was the impetus to embark on a comprehensive expansion program to cope with the pressure of an increasing market demand.

And from then on up to the present, the company has experienced a sustained growth, garnering a big chunk in the feed mill industry in the regional market.

A member of the Bicol Feed Mills, and the only local member in the Philippine Association of Feed Millers, the company is the only provincial feeds manufacturer who has survived in the arena where multinational companies reign supreme.