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  • Crude Protein : 16.5% NLT
    Crude Fat : 3.0% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 5.5% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NM
    Calcium : 0.75 - 0.85%
    Phosphorus : 0.70%... more info on hog grower

  • Crude Protein : 14.0% NLT
    Crude Fat : 3.0% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 7.0% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NM
    Calcium : 0.70 - 0.80%
    Phosphorus : 0.70%... more info on hog finisher

  • green value


    Crude Protein : 10.0% NLT
    Crude Fat : 2.5% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 10.0% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NM... more info on green value

  • hog starter


    Crude Protein : 18.0% NLT
    Crude Fat : 3.0% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 5.0% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NM
    Calcium : 0.85 - 0.90%... more info on hog starter

  • hog pre-starter mini


    Crude Protein : 19.5% NLT
    Crude Fat : 4.0% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 4.0% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NM
    Calcium : 0.85 - 0.95%... more info on hog pre-starter mini

The Supra of the Future

Your partner in Business. Your partner in progress.

With its sound management, well-studied decisions and the ability to adapt with the demands of the times, the company is confident the Supra Feeds can maintain its leadership in the feed mill industry.

An aggressive sales and management team and a dynamic workforce who believes in the company's potential are potent elements to create a formidable company that can withstand competition and maintains its market leadership.

And to further boost its competitive edge, the company has invested a bigger financial allocation for the continued modernization of its manufacturing plant to be able to cope with the increasing market demand.

Driven by its passion to excel and serve, Supra Feeds Enterprises, Inc. metamorphosed into a well-defined corporation with a globalized perspective geared towards the challenges of the future backed by its extensive and intensive experienced honed by years of exposure in the trade/business..

Having acquired a bigger portion of the market share, and claiming the number one spot among the local feed millers in the Bicol Region, the company continuously strives to be responsive to the discriminating demands of its clients.

The company is determined to be an integral part of the larger but more competitive global arena in the next few years-confident that its diverse roster of products are produced and packaged bearing that distinctive mark of superior quality that the company has consistently promoted.

Moving in synchronization in the pursuit of its quest, the company strives to strengthen its capacity, its productivity, and its investment in the corporate coffers for the purchase of equipment and for the development of its human resources, enabling the company to provide only the best service for total customer satisfaction, giving the company that distinctive edge among its competitors.