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  • violet


    Crude Protein : 10.0% NLT
    Crude Fat : 2.5% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 10.0% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NMT... more info on violet

  • Crude Protein : 16.5% NLT
    Crude Fat : 3.0% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 5.5% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NM
    Calcium : 0.75 - 0.85%
    Phosphorus : 0.70%... more info on hog grower

  • Crude Protein : 16.5% NLT
    Crude Fat : 4.0% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 6.0% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NM
    Calcium : 0.90 - 1.00%
    Phosphorus : 0.70%... more info on hog lactating

  • hog pre-starter mini


    Crude Protein : 19.5% NLT
    Crude Fat : 4.0% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 4.0% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NM
    Calcium : 0.85 - 0.95%... more info on hog pre-starter mini

  • hog starter


    Crude Protein : 18.0% NLT
    Crude Fat : 3.0% NLT
    Crude Fiber : 5.0% NMT
    Moisture : 12.0% NM
    Calcium : 0.85 - 0.90%... more info on hog starter

Who's Who in the Organizational Line-up

Shake up the business with extraordinary vigor and vision. Steer the company to its extended destination. This was the President and CEO brought to the company when he took on its rein.

A licensed Mechanical Engineer who obtained his degree in Mapua Institute of Technology, Engr. Fernando O. Rañola, a Filipino but of Chinese ancestry, has been with the company, the offshoot of the piggery farm that had it inception way back in 1976.

A highly-systematic and professionalized organization was created with a team of professional and technical staff carrying out their respective functions.

With his leadership, fundamental reforms were pursued that ultimately led to its growth.

1. Unique management style- the seamless fusion of professionalism and traditional practices that paved for the modernization of the organization.

2. Obsession with quality by following rigid standards to meet customer approval and satisfaction.

3. Developing and maintaining loyal and efficient leaders and a fast-growing marketing network.

4. Exercise of financial prudence and conservation by limiting credits and adhering to conservative financial policies.

Through his dynamic stewardship, the company was able to make a mark in the feed mill industry, a force to reckon with - in an arena dominated by multinational companies.

Dr. Ma. Concepcion Malanyaon-Rañola is not only the wife of the company�s President/CEO. A doctor specializing in anesthesiology by profession, she has since relegated this task when she took on the critical position in the company as the Chief Operations Officer.

Learning the tools of the trade through first-hand experience and driven by her earnest desire to learn the business, she now handles the administrative and financial concerns of the company.

Providing support to the top management is an efficient technical, production and sales team possessing that competitive edge and remarkable dedication in carrying out their responsibilities.

Almost two decades since it founding, the company�s roster employees have grown from _____ to approximately _____ employees who are accorded the mandatory benefits required under the labor code as well as enjoy the perks and privileges that the company offers.